Sunday, April 8, 2007

Some more hats

Here is the Child's Earflap Hat from Isela's book. I've been wanting to try earflaps and found her directions clear and easy to follow.

Another style I've wanted to make is this one with the straight top and the tassels.

Working with variegated yarn is always fun because you never know how the pattern will look. On these hats after bringing up the brim, I attached one strand of variegated yarn. Cutting one strand of the solid left the usual two strands of yarn. I did 5 rows, then replaced the brim color with cream for 5 rows. Each of these sections was repeated making a total of 20 rows for the crown. I like the way the variegated pattern continues while the solid colors change. For both of these hats, the variegated yarn contains the color used in the brim.

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