Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crocheted Socks and Knit Freedom

Someone in the Ravelry Crocheted Sock group mentioned a pattern new to me. It's called Tullow Socks and has a very different construction. It begins with the heel, adds a strip around the ankle, and goes down to the toes. Then it goes up the leg. I like it better than any crocheted pattern I've tried. On these socks, I added a shell pattern to the leg.
Liat Gat's blog, Knit Freedom, is good for both beginning and experienced knitters. She offers very clear videos of different knitting techniques including magic loop, continental knitting, and making socks. She also sells ebooks that link to these videos. Both of these socks were made with a size 7 magic loop and Cotton Ease yarn using her basic sock pattern. I added patterns to the legs. Using worsted weight yarn wasn't something I'd considered before but they are great for practicing magic loop and continental knitting.