Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Looming Hats

At first my idea was to make some hats and use some of the cute beads in my stash. This one has jungle animals on it.

This one has fish.

Simple stripes can be so striking. Then I started getting ideas for designs using color.

This hat uses the same colors as the one above.

On this one I did a rolled brim, 3 rows of purl, some diagonal stripes and a couple of solid sections.

What a fun hat to make.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hats Again

Another hat on the KK loom. This one is extra long, almost like a stocking cap. The center is a combination of Homespun and Red Heart. The top is shaped with short-rowed sections that were sewn together.

On this needle-knit hat I was using up scraps of yarn.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Puffy Brim Hats

I saw a hat on a stranger the other day and really liked it so, naturally, decided to try to make one like it.

This was knit on needles. The brim is K 1 row, P 3 rows, K 2 rows, P 3 rows, K 2 rows, P 3 rows and K 1 row. Then I changed to the variegated yarn and did a basic hat. The one I saw had slightly larger puffs, maybe 4 or 5 rows of purl, but I was pleased with this.

Then I wanted to make the same hat on the loom. On this hat the brim is K 1 row, P 6 rows, K 2 rows, P 6 rows, K 2 rows, P 6 rows, K 1 row. Then I switched yarn and finished the hat. This time the puffy brim was larger than I wanted but it still makes a nice variation.