Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mostly Hats

I can't seem to stop making the Short Rows Wavy Hat. It's so easy and really shows off the colors in the yarn because of being knit sideways.

James C. Brett makes Marble Chunky yarn in gorgeous colors. The skein is 200 g and an adult hat takes only 1.85 oz.
This hat is made from MC8.

I made this hat by following the directions but using size 8 needles instead of 10. When the hat measured 19 inches along the brim, I stopped and kitchenered the seam. This is the same yarn but a different colorway. An adult hat from this skein had sharp divisions of color but this size sort of blends from one color to another. This color is MC3.

I've been wanting to try slipstitching with 2 colors and found this pattern. The slipstitching is supposed to extend from the brim to the crown but I stopped early.

And here is another pair of Sockotta socks. I lost the band when I wound the yarn into 2 balls a few years ago so can't identify the yarn. This is the basic toe-up fleegle-heel sock I've been making lately.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hat Frenzy

It all started with the idea of making a masculine hat. This is one of Vanna's Choice yarns. It's okay but nothing special.

Then I used the same yarn and needles but did a baby hat. What a difference in the way the yarn looks. I think I was using size 9 needles. Guess I need to use smaller needles on the adult hat next time.

That got me back into making baby hats. This is Bernat Baby Jacquards - I'm a Big Boy. I used size 7 needles instead of the recommended 6 so the pattern isn't quite as defined.
Here I used Baby Marble by James C. Brett.
The colors in sock yarn are so tempting but my stash is out of control. So I bought one skein of this yarn and made a baby hat. It's Paton Kroy Socks - Mexicala Stripes.

My latest craze is shortrowing. This hat is a combination of patterns and is made with Sensations Rainbow Classic Pattern - Turquoise Rainbow.

I ran across this pattern on Ravelry. It's called the Short Rows Wavy Hat and looks great with variagated yarn. Here is a pink and green hat made from Bernat Softee Chunky - Summerset Ombre.

And this hat is made from Red Heart Super Saver - Peruvian Print.