Sunday, April 17, 2011

Addi Express Knitting Machine

One of my latest toys is the Addi Express. I read some reviews and looked at the product and decided I had to have one. It knits tubes using ww yarn. Mine was purchased at Paradise Fibers because they had the best price. It's very easy to operate as long as appropriate yarn is used. I've tried JoAnn Sensations and leftover bits of different kinds.

I had no interest in making scarves but came up with a way to make fingerless gloves. I knit the tube with scrap yarn at both ends. Then I put each end on needles and did some ribbing. After that I cut 4 stitches where I wanted the thumb, did a row of single crochet which was put on needles, and did 4-5 rows of ribbing.

What I really wanted to make was socks. Then I learned Cat Bordhi had written a book of patterns just for the Addi Express. Paradise Fibers carries Quick Knits for the Addi Express and it includes patterns for socks, a purse, a scarf, and earwarmers. The directions are very clear and I've made quite a few socks. The only thing is that lightweight yarn doesn't work. Since my stash included lots and lots of JoAnn Sensations, that's what I've been using. The socks are very soft and stretchy but are more like house socks than for wearing with shoes. Just like with the fingerless gloves, the Addi Express makes the tubes and rest of the sock is handwork. But I find it much faster than doing the whole sock by hand and it's a nice change.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bracelet Purses and Shower Puffs

It's almost time for the Farmers' Market so I've been working on some new items. The handles on these little purses are small bracelets. The metallic bracelets were purchased at Fred Meyer.

The plastic handles shown here were found with the Easter things at the Dollar Store. All purses were knit in the round. I cast on 16 stitches using a size 8 circular needle and just kept knitting until the purse looked proportionate. Then I added 4 row of garter stitch and bound off. A final round of single crochet was added which allowed me to attach the bracelets.

I kept seeing shower puffs and found many patterns for them. I decided to try the one by Lyanna Anderson because it wasn't as large as most of them. These are made of  cotton yarn. They work up quickly in bright, cheery colors.