Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look Out for Teddy Bears

Interested in crocheting some teddy bears? Here are some patterns I've tried.

Becky's Crocheted Teddy is made in a flat piece, starting with the legs, working up the body to the head, and going back down the other side. Then it is sewn together and stuffed.

These two were made from a pattern called Crochet Teddies and Bunnies and are made in pieces. The legs and arms are attached as the body is made. The muzzle and tail are made separately and sewn on. The ears are crocheted onto the head.

These colorful teddies are Jelly Beanz Bearz by Christal Friend. The green one came first. The muzzle seemed a little short so I added a row on the rest of them. These are crocheted in pieces, but the legs and arms are crocheted on as the body is made.

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Marsha said...

The Teddy Bears are simply adorable! I love checking into your blog and seeing what all you have created. You are an inspiration!