Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Bazaar Items

Lately I've been working on little purses and I've come up with a basic recipe and some variations.

Theses are made with Red Heart yarn and have fun fur-type flaps.

These are a combination of a fancy thin yarn and Red Heart yarn. When possible, I used a button to close the purse.

When I didn't have the right color button, I chained a tie and threaded it through eyelets.

Basic Little Purse
Size 10 circular needles
Whatever yarn you want
J crochet hook if crocheting the strap
Using Judy's Magic Cast-on, cast on 18 stitches per needle. Knit in the round until the purse is 4-1/2 inches long. Bind off the stitches from one needle on the next round and cut yarn. Attach fun fur (or whatever you are using for the flap) and do garter stitch until flap is desired length. (I make an eyelet in the middle of the flap a couple of rows before I'm going to bind off. This acts as a buttonhole.) Bind off.
The strap can be a 3 stitch i-cord or you can chain the length you want and slip stitch back along chain. Attach strap to sides and add a button to the front to secure the flap.
Using both a fun fur-type yarn and a basic ww yarn, follow the directions above until the purse is 3-1/2 inches long. Cut the fun fur and continue to knit. On the third round, make an eyelet in the center of the front for a buttonhole. Knit 3 more rounds and bind off. Make a strap, attach it, sew on a button, and you're done.

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