Monday, June 15, 2009


A customer at the Farmer's Market challenged me to make a hat with a smiley face. I found the smiley pattern and then made a minor adjustment to my usual hat pattern.

These small purses were my new additions last Saturday. One small girl lit up when her mom handed her the middle one with the purple flap. I started the day with four and sold four so it looks like I need to make more. It's a great way to use up yarn left from my cotton hats.

A week ago I started Caroline on a purse using the blue loom. She had 3 inches completed when the market ended. She continued knitting on the purse at home until it was 6-1/2 inches long. On Saturday she learned how to remove it from the loom and sew up the bottom. Then she learned how to do an i-cord and made her handle. I chained a loop for the closure and sewed on the beads she chose and her purse was done!

Here are Nan and me and Caroline showing off our work on World Wide Knit in Public Day. Nan is making golf club covers, I'm working on a small purse, and Caroline is wearing one of my hats and holding her purse.

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guppygirl said...

Too fun :) The hats are super cute! Have a great day!