Sunday, May 3, 2009

And still more hats

Playing with designs on this loomed hat.

I found this yarn last year and finally tried it on the green loom. The color is Peruvian Print by Red Heart. The yarn forms the patterns as it is knitted. Nan made a hat with it on the red loom that looks completely different.

Nan came up with this variation for the brim. It's done in garter stitch with 2 colors used in alternating rows.

This hat is needle-knit. The pattern is a variation of Candy Dots, found in the book Kids' Knitted Hats. I used size 9 needles and more stitches to make the hat larger.

And this pattern was found on The entry is called Gaugeless, guaranteed-to-fit MAGIC LOOP SKI HAT with a TKIO. My hat was done with size 11 circular needles and doubled yarn. It was fun to try something so different. Even though the hat folds flat, when it is on a head it looks like a regular round hat.

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Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

I love all your hats, but my favorite is the green hat with the white designs on it.
Brenda GA