Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Easy Projects

I'm still working up easy projects as ideas for my new-to-looming friends. Using Sugar and Cream yarn (doubled) and the blue KK round loom, I made this basic dishcloth. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it is. It was begun by doing 3 rows of garter stitch. For the body I worked a row of 3 purl, knit across, and ending with 3 purl. The next row was straight knit. These two rows were alternated until the cloth was almost a square. It was finished with 3 rows of garter stitch.

The red round loom was used to make this little girl's purse. It's made in the round just like a hat. After removing it, the live stitches are seamed shut. Then a simple icord handle and a large button to keep it closed.

This little drawstring purse was made on the blue round loom. It has a flat bottom. When it seemed almost long enough, I moved every other stitch to the next peg and knit a row, making eyelets. Then I continued knitting all pegs for another couple of rows. An icord was strung through the eyelets before sewing the ends together.

And here is a scarf made on the purple loom with a matching hat. The scarf was made by following Isela's Bongo Blues pattern, but I used plain Red Heart yarn. The scarf is knit using a single strand of yarn but is very soft. The hat is a basic style with a roll-up brim. Fun Fur was knit into the brim.

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