Sunday, October 14, 2007

Felted Bags

After seeing a friend's felted purse, I decided it was time to try the process. The first attempt was needleknit. Turns out my washing machine's very gentle agitation makes it worthless for felting, so I tried doing it myself in the sink. The purse ended up being 10 in wide by 6.5 in high.

Next I made one on the yellow KK. It was made in the round like a hat but I seamed the bottom flat instead of gathering it. This went through the neighbor's washing machine. In my attempt to removed the ridges, it shrank more than was intended. The final size is 7 in wide by 6 in high.

The third attempt was done as a flat panel on the yellow KK. I knit down the front, did 2 inches of garter stitch for the bottom, knit up the back and made the flap. After seaming the sides, it was ready for felting. Now that I knew what to expect, this one came out better. The final size is 9 in wide by 7 in high and the bottom is an inch wide.

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