Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Toby's Turn

Maltese Toby has been very cold lately. Sometimes he curls around the furnace vent on the floor and sometimes he asks to be covered with a blanket. This morning I put Emma's second sweater on him (not the pink one). It fits Toby much better than Emma but he's not any happier about it than she was. After sitting for his picture, he stayed in the chair while I ate breakfast instead of curling up in his bed next to me under the table. When I moved to the bedroom and turned on the computer, he slunk his way after me and hid under the bed. So will he accept the sweater and begin his regular activities or will I give up and remove the hated straightjacket?

Follow up: I left the sweater on him for a couple of hours but then he began leaving a room from the opposite side I entered it. So the sweater was removed and now we're best buds again. My little white shadow is happily following me everywhere. Oh, well, it was a good idea.

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