Monday, February 22, 2010

Crocheted Socks

Recently I decided to crochet a pair of socks. Ravelry has a group for that and I got some helpful information there about good basic patterns.

For my first pair I used the Ultimate Crocheted Socks pattern. It calls for an F hook so the socks worked up very quickly. With the esc stitch, they were also soft. The pattern has a nice explanation of a short-row heel.

Next I tried Vee Socks for Me. For this pair I used Sockotta yarn, an F hook, and a short-row heel. The foot of the sock is hdc and the leg is the v-stitch.

Here is a variation of the Vee Sock for Me. Again it is sockotta yarn and an F hook. On these socks I did hdc on the sole of the foot and the v-stitch on top of the foot and on the leg. The heel is afterthought. I love the way the heel looks. I wasn't quite sure about the afterthought heel and found a very clear explanation here.

For me, crocheting a pair of socks is much quicker than knitting them. They are a little bulkier but not uncomfortable to wear. I like using an F hook because it's faster and the sock fabric is a little looser. I like using hdc instead of sc for the same reasons. I think I'll make some more.