Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WoolEase Cup Cozies

Lately we've been having very warm weekdays and drizzle or rain on Saturdays. It's been quite the adventure showing off projects for prospective customers without getting us or the goods wet. Almost as important has been trying to keep my mocha warm. Finally I remembered these cozies and found my directions here on the blog. They're crocheted with 2 strands of woolease. That makes them stiff enough to be able to insert a full cup without spilling and thick enough to protect the fingers. The wool part of the yarn keeps the drink warm and they are washable. My original pattern was 13 rows because I was buying ventes. These cozies are 10 rows so they work on smaller cups.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Tams

I'm still crocheting tams. These first two were made with Sensations Rainbow Classic Pattern yarn from JoAnn's. The color is Green Rainbow Classic and it is self-striping. The yarn is very soft.

Just beginning from a different place in the yarn gives a whole new look to the hat.

This tam was made with Sensations Rainbow Boucle Multi (also from JoAnn's) and the color is Black Rainbow Boucle Multi. It is also extremely soft.

Here's my variation of the basic tam again. This hat was crocheted from Homespun Regency with a blue yarn as the contrast.

And this one was made with Homespun Harvest with yellow for the contrast. It was very exciting to see how the Homespun created rings of different colors.

If anyone wants to know how to make this variation, let me know.