Sunday, August 30, 2009


After all of the cotton projects this summer, I'm ready for something different. This is a Tofu Cutie's basic tam made with Tudor Homespun. This hat was made according to the pattern but with an I hook.

The Mediterranean Homespun used on this hat seemed a little blah so I dressed it up with a contrasting color and some stitch variations.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sock Summit

Living in Portland and being a sock knitter, I just had to attend the recent Sock Summit. I was lucky enough to get a class (one out of the six I wanted) and really enjoyed it. People I saw and met were very friendly. Most people, when observed sitting around resting or eating, were knitting.

I saw Stephanie (the Yarn Harlot) a few times and even got a picture with her (taken on a cell phone so don't try to enlarge it). This was taken on Registration Day before everything got nuts with knitters.

And I was able to attend the book signing and have her sign my copy of Knitting Rules. She was very relaxed and friendly. The woman ahead of me brought in a dishcloth of South Dakota, which Stephanie didn't have. She was very excited and willing to pose for a picture. She even suggested a second shot because she could tell her expression wasn't good on the first one. This was during the first 15 minutes. I read on Ravelry that later on she was so tired she wasn't sure what she was writing.

The Market Place was amazing and fun to visit but definitely overwhelming. Lots of gorgeous colors and socks on display and all kinds of patterns and tools and accessories available for purchase.